Bladerunner (bldrnrpdx) wrote in pdx_knitters,

Looking Buttons in PDX

I'm looking for a couple of buttons, and I am having a terrible time of it. I'm trying to find a carrot and/or a bunny button for the carrot bag I made a while back, a chile pepper button for the pepper bag, a pickle or cucumber sort of button to match a bag, and some buttons for future bags - corn, banana, eggplant, and maybe an ice cream cone. I was disappointed to find no bunny or carrot buttons at Michael's or Mill End given the Easter craft sales.

Where would you suggest looking for buttons in the Portland area? I can find all kinds of fancy decorative ones at Mill End, Yarn Garden, Farmhouse Knits, and Michael's, but I am really surprised I haven't been able to find much in the way of vegetables.
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