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Yarn Diet, some FOs and book buying

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On book buying (for those NOT from the Portland, OR area); Before you go buy a new book, check out Powell's. You can look at the prices for, and request specific copies of books they have on-hand. One of the only non-chain bookstores left in the country that rivals Barnes and Nobles and Borders. Yes, they are local here to Portland.

So I'm on the self-imposed yarn diet, and am reading the group noyarnforayear. I have successfully avoided buying yarn, except what was needed for the bulky baby sweaters and hats behind my cut below. I made a deal with my husband that special projects were outside the diet. He had some folks on his fire team having babies, so there you go. Now he wants the wolf sweater from Donimiknitrix, so I might have to go and get the yarn for that. Gee, DARN.

I actually had an extraordinary amount of trouble walking out of Knit n Purl without more than what I needed. I admit I didn't really HAVE to have the book, Blankets, Hats, and Booties, and I consider that somewhat of a slip, but I actually went back to the sale cabinet 3 times before I walked away telling myself, OUT LOUD, "Just walk away. You don't need that. You don't need it. I did it though. It was hard. At least the staff got a good laugh out of it.

I have made a few things. MORE on the way.

I have had an aversion to knitting baby things. Partly, it's the colors (I HATE pastels), but also that it used to take me forever to get anything done with baby weight yarn. I did, however, buy a bunch of sock yarn over a period of months, and some pretty purple cotton, so I had it in my stash when I started this yarn diet.

Here are the beginnings of a baby sweater from a pattern out of Baby Knits for Beginners, by Debbie Bliss. I can't remember the yarn I bought, although I know it's cotton, a baby weight, and a lovely dark purple.

This is a drop-stitch scarf I made from some yarn I bought from a shop in the Village while on a trip to hear one of my boys sing at Carnegie Hall. Also shown are some booties made from the same yarn. This is a hand-dyed mohair from some farm in upstate New York. BEE-YOO-ti-ful stuff.

This is a sweater/hat set, of which I have made two; one in this color and you get a peek at the other color on the right of the photo. I found this pattern at Knit n Purl. It caught my eye because of the previously mentioned amount of time it takes to knit baby stuff.

This baby sweater knits up INSIDE OF AN HOUR! SO happy. Please note the bauble closure. I made the matching hats on the fly. No patterns. Yarn is Biggy Print from Rowan.

A wide, seed-stitch scarf made out of some creamy, very loosely spun wool. So soft and springy, you want to put your face right in it. I put an ink pen by the unwoven strand so you could see how thick it is. This was purchased ages ago from a shop in NW Portland called Lint.

And finally, my new favorite thing to knit, these "Stay on booties." Pattern by Christine Bourquine can be found here. Lovely story behind this. EASY to knit, no finishing. Goes FAST.

These were done with Opal self striping yarn in Bumble Bee, I think, or maybe Tiger?

I made sure to start each bootie in the same place in the color variation, so they would have more of a chance at matching. Worked pretty well! Also, I knitted up some i-cord for the ankle binding. I don't like ribbon so much.

The tops on these usually roll down, but I like how the color played through, so I left them up for the photo.

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